The Letter

I wrote to her
about my day;
About hers
asked her to say.

She replied;
‘Without writing
Life is dull;
it is full
of joyous thoughts
and joyous feelings
And a smile
that’s appealing.
These feelings come
to visit me
Like in the
doctor’s room
Urge my arm
to move, to write!
Then beautiful words
begin to bloom.
Your heart is expressed
as a string of alphabets
You aren’t stressed
That feeling is all gone.
You stare to the sky
words begin to flow
They keep on flowing
until dawn
No other feeling
or thought or idea
That requires
your brain or brawn
enters your mind
at the moment
of inspiration and words.
And soar through a page
like in the sky, birds
And here, with a broken arm
whether noticing
or maybe not
with only writing
in my mind,
as a thought.
If I were someone else
I doubt to have
written what I did today.’

I stared in awe at the words
written so beautifully,
with such pain.
And I wrote back to her
‘Tomorrow, I promise to
write to you again’.

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