Tidal Wave 1: The Whites

Ah, the sea, what a wonderful place to relax with a book or go surfing or build sandcastles or sunbathe or go on cruises… in short words, it was the best place to be. That was exactly what the White siblings, Won, Sheri and Benny thought. But, very unfortunately, their parents, Mr. and Mrs. White, thought nowhere close to adoring those high tides. They’d been unfortunate enough to almost drown on a day Mrs. White had been seasick, so they were downright nasty to anyone who loved the sea. The children weren’t treated like that, though. Not by their mother, in the least. The father was a little bulky, had a prized moustache and a light beard. The mother was slim and blonde, very pretty, but had a big wart on her forehead which she hid skilfully by parting her hair to cover it. Sheri had a similar wart, but it was behind her ear, so it hid under her long brown locks, the same shade as her father’s. Won, on the other hand, was blonde like his mother. But Benny was neither. She had a waist length of eerie black hair, but the same blue eyes as her mother’s. The Whites lived in a charming, humongous house which Mr. and Mrs. White fancied, but the siblings would have loved a cottage on the seaside. They’d even made a plan of the house they would like to live in. They tried to convince their parents to take them to the sea almost every summer, and this was one such summer, when Sheri entered the kitchen where Mrs. White was cooking breakfast. “Mum?” she said in a hopeful, sweet tone. “Yes, Sheri?” Mrs. White said, looking at Sheri from the corner of her eye. “Oh, not again, surely? You know our condition, Sheri.” Sheri had a look of annoyance on her face. “Condition! Benny, Won and I were there when you were on that cruise, mum. We thought it was… It was…” “An excellent adventure.” said a voice in the doorway. Won’s. “Just the three words I was looking for.” said Sheri, triumphantly, like she had just won herself a trip to the beach. “Where’s Benny?” she asked, looking around. “In the bathroom. Bathing. She bathes for so long, makes you wonder if she jumped out of the bathroom window.” he said, grabbing a pancake off the frying pan. “I want some pancakes too!” called Benny, who was now out of the bathroom and in the kitchen. “Won, do NOT pick pancakes off the pan, will you!” said Mr. White irritably from the doorway. “‘Morning Alexis, kids.” he said hollowly, dressed in his bathrobe slightly peculiarly. “Good morning, Peter. Pancakes.” said Mrs. White, tipping some into his plate. ” I do know myself. You make us that every day. It’s just when we go on vacations, like on that day when-” he stopped dead, and started showing great interest to the fork. Won passed a sneaky look to Benny, who giggled under her breath and quickly put on a grim face and said “We’re really sorry for you, dad. We know that you and mum hated it. It won’t happen again, because next time you’ll be aware that you have lifesavers on. Besides, you don’t even-” “Cut it, Benny.” said Mr. White, but in a softer tone than usual. He had just found out that he had been wearing a lifesaver on the day he began to hate the sea.

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