That Night…

“Heh heh he” breathed the Man Under the Mask. Let’s just call him MUM now.
“The time has come.” he said, grinning. But no one could actually see his grin. He was, for one thing, behind a mask, and it was 1 in the morning, for another.
He personally thought he had done a great job getting a duplicate key of the richest house in town. And soon, thought he, it would be his house that would be the richest. With that glorious thought, he slunk  into the house noiselessly.
EnterMUM looked around from under his hood, his mouth wide open at the house that looked marvellous, though it was dark. He saw a table. Maybe it was where the family dined.
Jealousy struck MUM fiercely. He fumed, but calmed down thinking of how rich his house would soon become.
He reached a door…
MUM took a deep breath. He could feel a drop of sweat trickling down his face. He poked his head inside to find….
He ran, and ran, through the main door he went, never to return again.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY is that keeping your bed messy can keep you safe from many MUMs, though ‘mum’ may not approve of it! 😀

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