Musings of a Cotton Jersey

I could feel part of me in China
A part of me in Brazil
Parts here and there in India
Parts in farms, parts on hills.

Then all parts of me united
Just one thing led to another
I was cleaned and spun and woven
And I was put together.

Then I was dyed (I’m still alive)
And after I was made
I was washed and I was dried
And then I was displayed.

I was so magnificent
No glory I lacked
So almost immediately
I felt myself being packed.

Then I was buttoned up
(I know not what that was about)
By the end of the day
I was pretty well worn out.

And the next thing I knew
Was that I saw a marvelous scene:
Painted silver, detailed with black
A majestic washing machine!

Now I am super-old
And my colours have faded
I’ve lost all my designs
That were once brightly shaded.

Now I feel that my owners
Must show me no compassion.
But they wear me like I’m made of gold!
Well, faded things are today’s fashion.

Image filter credit- Prisma


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