Tidal Wave 4: Solace

Hello, all! I have some news for you. But let’s get done with the story first. Here’s a brush up.

“Hopefully a stay at the Coxes’ house, home to the most obnoxious people Sheri knows, won’t be as bad as we expect.”

Here we are… Tidal Wave 4!

“So you think we’re trying to trap you?” asked a furious Mr. White. “You think we intentionally decided upon getting you to a place you hate? IS THAT WHAT YOU THOUGHT?” Mr. White’s mood was getting worse by the moment. The siblings silently agreed that it was a bad idea to have told their dad about their thoughts. “Well, then listen. And listen with rapt attention, you hear me? We are not  going to be staying at the Cox house! DID YOU HEAR THAT LOUD AND CLEAR?” Mr. White hollered.

The siblings’ lower jaws moved downward in sync (it was a really amusing thing to watch, and Mrs. White gave a snort). “The first time you met the Cox family when they came to England you got to know much about their… peculiarity. And of course I knew quite a lot about it too, and I didn’t offer to take you to their home in Bintan. But  you gladly agreed. It was unexpected, yes, but you agreed. So we made plans not to go to the Cox home because you wouldn’t like it. They are bizarre folk, those Coxes.” Mr. White said confidently. His anger had died down a little bit. His mood always got better when he could speak about the Coxes as oddballs. “Now listen up, and do not miscalculate what I am about to say. Navy Cox will meet us in Singapore and be our guide on our trip to Bintan. She has vacation too, so she’ll come back with us to England and stay for a few days. Understand? Now get along with your busy chitter-chatter and never, ever doubt me again.” Mr. White finished his speech with a huff and stomped off noisily.         

The siblings were still paralyzed by what their father had said, but they were under his petty influence and decided not to gape with their mouths wide open so that not many dust particles would choose to settle there and their tongues would remain “fresh and hygienic”.

“So we aren’t going after all.” said Benny, eyeing Won, annoyed. Won nodded sheepishly and said “We still have Navy to worry about.”. “Nah, Navy is fine.” replied Sheri, shaking her head. “You think so? Last time we met her, she bent a silver fork. And she said she liked it that way! You think she’s fine? I think she’s going to be a great load in addition to all our hefty baggage.” said Won, and his face said that his opinion about Navy was not going to change.

“Relax, Won. She’s our cousin. Plus she’s a great swimmer.” Benny said, as Sheri nodded and continued. “She’s probably the most sane of all the Coxes.” “As sane as a fork, you mean.” Won said sarcastically. “WON!” came an enraged reply. It was their mother. She was accompanied by a cheery looking girl with a freckled face and slightly tanned skin. “Meet your cousin, Navy Cox.”

First of all, did you like the poster I made for Tidal Wave?
I made it using Canva. I made some for all the previous parts too! Click to view all the previous parts.

Now, thing is, I have an idea  for another series, and I’m thinking of finishing Tidal Wave in about 12-13 parts. So, well, Tidal Wave will be fortnightly again 🙂
I’m sorry about all the changes I’m making here, but sometimes it is… better to deal with. That is the background of Tidal Wave in the first place. Do you think Tidal Wave is going a bit too ordinary? Just wait for Mr. White to take a dip in the ocean (oops, did I just reveal something?) and then see just how topsy-turvy things can go. Hope you’re liking it so far!



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