General Life & Going-Ons

Yeah, so… about photography week.

So I couldn’t post for photography week. That’s because it took too much time to make a post what with transferring a great load of photos and all. So it won’t be happening. Yeah.

BUT, I’ll still be posting photos around here. Not all in one post or stuff like that, they’ll be clean and individual. So maybe you’ll have a little less trouble if you’re thinking of catching a glimpse of my pics without having to go through those loads of pre-post sentences. A picture paints a thousand words, after all.

My blog’s looking different.

I say there ain’t a perfect time for a re-design. Yeah, my tastes keep varying from time to time, but it’s not unusual for someone like me. My blog’s been re-designed. Yet again.

I’m open to suggestions from you if you have any. You know, on my color scheme and all. You can tell me your suggestions anytime.


It’s been a great year so far, and I hope to do things that I’ll be proud of to make this year one to remember.

How’s your year going? Have any plans? Well, I don’t 😉

MUKTA sighnoff.png


Opinions. Tell Me Everything.

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