BIBPC the Fourth, Category 2 {Blue Skies}


So Megan from A Barefoot Gal hosts this photography contest, called Boring into Beautiful and I thought hey, why not give it a go? So I signed up in good vigor only to realize the deadline for the first category had passed 😦

I am on Team Fox. It is currently in second place with 83 points. Come on team, you can do it!

So for the second category, which is blue, I made up my mind to get the photo taken at all costs. This is what I managed to capture.



Originally, I wanted to go with a picture of a nice blue sky. But when I actually cleared out time to take the picture, I realized that the sky was looking a drab, pale blue. No way I’d enter a picture of that. I didn’t manage to think of anything else in good time, so this weird idea popped into my head: why not paint the sky instead? I was in a mood to paint, so I sketched out some goofy clouds and painted the scene. When I was satisfied with my painting, I had a hard time choosing the perfect angle for the picture. I ended up taking it from above, including a tub of paint, a pencil and a paintbrush in the shot, and I was pretty happy with my results 😉

I guess that’s it for now. Be sure to let me know what you think of my snap. So long, folks!
~Mukta@ Born Free

5 thoughts on “BIBPC the Fourth, Category 2 {Blue Skies}

  1. “But when I actually cleared out time to take the picture, I realized that the sky was looking a drab, pale blue.”
    Get the exposure technique right, and you will get a perfect picture of the sky … … Seek your father’s help in this. Let me know the result

    1. Thank you so much for the suggestion! When dad has time perhaps I can ask him to help out. And if I get the picture taken I’ll definitely send it to you!

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