BIBPC the Fourth, Category 3 {Sweetness Beyond Taste}

Yep, I managed to get the photo taken. Woohoo!

Team Fox is leading with 170 points!!!


Hang in there, team!

So… the third category is Sweet.
Here’s my stuff.



It’s pretty simple: I was racking my brains for ideas until my dad suggested I could take a picture of a banana. I wasn’t very tempted by it, but it did give me an idea. I remembered having a pen with a rubber pear (if you can call it a pear) on it, and hey, pears are sweet. I decided that there wasn’t any harm in trying. The little dog is pretty sweet as well, so that’s a plus point 🙂
I also learned some things about DSLR photography with my dad. I used a 50 mm lens to get the background all blurry, and I think that looks pretty cool.

That’s pretty much everything. Off I trot!

~Mukta@Born Free

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