BIBPC the Fourth, Category 6 {Reading is an Adventure}

I got a picture in early this time.

Team Fox’s status is competitive this time. We’re in a tie with team Raccoon, 406 points each.



The category this time is


And here is the moment I captured.

All I can say is that I was reading, and then the magic happened.


They say that reading is an adventure. I agree.

Do you?

~Mukta@ Born Free

9 thoughts on “BIBPC the Fourth, Category 6 {Reading is an Adventure}

  1. Epic photo, super creative!! I love it! I’m on Team Fox too, so GO TEAM FOX!!!! Can you believe we’re tied with Team Racoon? We better get them before they get us, LOL! 😛

    1. Thanks so much! Well, I wouldn’t have thought we’d be such a pickle, but I’m really positive we can get in the lead again 🙂 Did you get your picture in? I’d love to see it, but I’m too lazy to check Megan’s comment section every now and then 😛

      1. Ha-ha! Totally! Yes, I did get my picture in! I actually don’t have a blog yet, so I don’t really have any way for you to see it…. 😦 Sorry. TEAM FOX WILL WIN, WE WILL!!!!! 😀

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