Interview Swap with Mirra@ A Young Writer’s Dream


On February 12th, 2017, my friend Mirra started a blog, A Young Writer’s Dream. When I suggested for us to do this post, she gladly agreed. And so, after much planning, I’m going to answer some questions she has laid out.

What is your favorite writing style?

I can’t decide which I like better between prose and verse, but I do enjoy writing fiction set in the realistic world.

Why do you like blogging?

What can I say? A blog is a site on the web that can lead people straight to a corner of your mind. That explains about it all.

How does writing a blog make you feel?

Actually, I don’t feel very ecstatic, because I’ve been running this blog for four years. Neither do I feel afraid to hit the Publish button, because I’ve done it plenty of times. I publish something if I think it’s worth, and that’s all I need. No extra emotions necessary.

I’ve noticed that your blog designs keep changing, which I really like, but how do your other readers feel about this?

I haven’t really asked people about this matter, nor has anyone given me their opinion. I just do it because I think I can make my blog more pleasing to look at. I guess I like my blog better when it’s just the way I want it to be.

Which blogs do you recommend to other bloggers out there?

Ooh, this is a tough one.

A Barefoot Gal has stuck to my follower list for quite a while. My aunt writes really well too, and she has published some of her writings at I TOT I TOT. There’s A Young Writer’s Dream, with almost daily posts, and some more of my friends’ sites of which I have posted here before. Meh, I’m not going to bombard this place with links.

How do you like having your blog laid out?

I personally think that my blog should have an airy feel, but no shortage of content. I don’t want it messy and muddled up, so I prefer simple fonts rather than curvy scripts.

Who inspired you to begin blogging?

This blog wasn’t actually started by meMy dad began it when I knew nothing about blogging as a place for my travel diary entries and maintained it for a year or two and then I took charge. Now, everything from the post writing to the designing to the publishing is done by me.

That is all!
In the meantime, I have a question for you…

How do you like it when I change my themes from time to time?

Does it make your feel comfortable, or do you like seeing something different?


Until next time!

~Mukta@ Born Free


6 thoughts on “Interview Swap with Mirra@ A Young Writer’s Dream

  1. Change is life.
    Everything in life keeps changing every moment.
    Look at yourself, look at your surroundings, look at the nature.
    Look at plants, look at animals. They all keep changing every moment.
    In some change is obvious, like changing colours of the morning and evening sky. Some are subtle but still discernible, like blooming flower. And some are not so obvious, like our own body.
    But change definitely is there.
    And permanence means death.
    The changing themes make your blog lively, relieve the readers from monotony, and make it more enjoyable.
    Keep changing!

    1. Dear Aba,
      This was the best comment I ever received here. You said something so simple in such a beautiful way. I’m grateful for your valuable support and the love you have given me as a grandfather.
      Yours truly,

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