A Guide to Gifting a Potterhead

Birthday presents can put you in a fix.

Sometimes, it’s profoundly exasperating and sometimes, there’s so much to choose from you dunno what to choose. ūüôĄ

But if your birthday victim is a Potterhead, here are some things that they will want… as opposed to the things you can ACTUALLY give them.

What Potterheads Want

  • AN ACCEPTANCE LETTER: Every Potterhead will relate to the intense longing to get a letter that told them that they were admitted to the one place they’d do anything to be in…¬†Hogwarts.¬†I remember having that longing when I turned eleven… *cringes*
    Related image
  • A WAND: Isn’t it SO frustrating when you’ve memorized about a gazillion spells but you just can’t USE them? Every time you’ve wanted to turn someone into a duck or open a door, have the spells left your tongue but nothing ever happened? Then you’ve probably wanted a wand since forever… Unless it’s something like…

    Image result for harry potter using wand
  • A BROOMSTICK:¬†You may find a broomstick with no effort… But the kind of broomsticks Potterheads want are ones that swoop to your hand when you say “Up”. Ones that soar through the air. Ones on which you can play marvelous sports like Quidditch and Quadpot. But since no shops sell broomsticks that you can sit on and¬†fly, Potterheads have a bit of a disappointment there.
    Image result for harry potter broomstick
  • THE MARAUDER’S MAP:¬†I mean, who wouldn’t want that? Even the muggliest muggle would want a map that shows them where someone is without having to go looking. Except… It doesn’t exist.Image result for marauders map
  • AN INVISIBILITY CLOAK:¬†Every fan’s dream. But since there’s no such thing, sneaking¬†into the kitchen unnoticed is a lot harder. Admit it.Image result for invisibility cloak
  • FELIX FELICIS: Whether you think you should be getting more luck or not, this golden liquid is a handy tool for any situation. Too bad the only way to taste it is by jumbling up citrus juices. It may taste nice, but it doesn’t work, sadly.Image result for felix felicis movie

So what CAN you give a Potterhead?

Since wands and broomsticks and Liquid Luck exist nowhere but in your imagination, gifting something to a Potterhead is a slight problem. But there are some things which can be used as reasonable alternatives. The best part? You can make them yourself.

  • A CARD:¬†Yep, cards are really common. But a personalized one can really make¬†a Potterhead’s day.Related imagevia
    Image result for harry potter birthday card
  • PENCILS: “Pencils??” Was that your reaction? Yep, you read that right. All you have to do is grab a thin marker and a plain pencil and carefully jot down a quote or spell. You can make a whole pack! They may not be suited as a birthday present, but I assure you, they’ll become your Potterhead’s favorite pencils.
  • A FACT BOOK: Potterheads love finding out new stuff about the wizarding world. Collect some rare facts about HP, type them out, create a cover and print to make a present fit for a fanatic.
  • A DAILY PROPHET:¬†Daily prophet pages are all over the net. Collect some, print them out, arrange them like a newspaper and you’re good to go. Again, you may not want to give that as a birthday present, but it’s still a nice treat for a Potterhead. You can also make a miniature using this image.
  • A FRAMED QUOTE: Picture frames are common gifts. Why not add an HP twist to bring a famous quote on your Potterhead’s wall? You can choose some you find online or design them yourself and print them. You know the rest.
  • A HOMEMADE WAND:¬†If you want to make a wand for your Potterhead (in case he/she doesn’t already have one), you can always rely on the internet¬†for guidance. Though they don’t really work, they are excellent mediums of spell practice.
  • FAN FICTION:¬†If you are a Potterhead AND a writer and are looking for a gift to give a Potterhead friend, you can write work¬†of fan fiction and print it out to make a simple yet amazing gift. You can write textbooks like A History of Magic or the Monster Book of Monsters or cook up your own HP stories. Please note that¬†publishing these books isn’t advisable unless you want to stuck in title copyright prison.

These are some things that Potterheads will like… but the most they can get is your good wishes and love. Potterheads are NOT annoying and NOT crazy. They are completely human and completely sane. It’s just that they’ve found something they can believe, some people they can think of apart from themselves and somewhere else they can live. Hogwarts will always be there to welcome them home.
They are special, in their own special way.

Spread joy on your Potterhead’s birthday.



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