Presenting… The Writing Writers Magazine!

A while ago, Mirra and I started a collab blog, The Writing Writers. And in a month, we have ten amazing authors, thirty followers and a good response to our work.

Screenshot (2).png
All in just a month.

And now, we have started what we call The Writing Writers Magazine, featuring both our authors’ AND readers’ work. That’s right, you can enter too, and you will receive full attribution. It is assuredly safe and the process of entering is simple.

Would YOU like to be a part of the magazine? For more details, check out our Magazine page. Otherwise, if you want to participate anonymously, you can vote in the magazine design poll that will soon be conducted to vote for your favorite design.

Please support the initiative by spreading the word and help us make this a success. If you want to participate, express your willingness and link the work you would like to enter in the comments.

Will you enter?

Mukta@ Born Free


12 thoughts on “Presenting… The Writing Writers Magazine!

    1. Yeah, I read your post. Thanks, I’ll do it… And hopefully even post, because I dunno a lot of bloggers around here… Let’s just say I’m a four-year-old newbie. 😀 Do you have any recommendations?

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