My Previous Blog Designs and Why I Changed Them


I changed my blog design. Again. And that set me thinking… WHY did I change my previous ones? At a point of time, the design I had felt fresh and exciting, but I slowly grew out of it, and that forced me to change it over and over again. But I’m surprised at this: I CHANGED MY THEME FOR THE FIFTH TIME THIS YEAR.

Today, I’m going to review some of the headers I previously had and compare them with my new one. You ready?


Design 1:

Born free christmasOkay… ICK.
I intended to use this for Christmas, so it’s obvious why I changed it, but the all black stuff was creeping me out. ICK.

Design 2:

freeOkay, sorry my dear Amatic SC, but it looked so bad with Aileron that I simply HAD to change it.

Design 3:Header

I like to keep my header fonts in either all caps or all lowercase letters. Since the font I used was a script, I couldn’t use all caps. The lowercase really stank (no offense, lowercase), so… GOODBYE.

Design 4:

Okay, I must admit that I do like that intertwining effect thingy, but the stickiness of Cabana was getting on my nerves.

Design 5:Header

I do feel quite sad that I got rid of this, since I spent days and days trying to get that header right, but Bebas Neue and Raleway had a very formal feel, despite my attempts to lighten it up with the texture I used, so it’s gone, guys.

Finally… NOW.


The NOW design has a bunch of awesome features.
Firstly, I noticed that watercolor was trending in the blogosphere, so I tried it out, and I was too tempted to wait to use it.
Second, I NOW HAVE A DIVIDER!!! Yayayayayayay! I’ve wanted a divider since forever and when I found that wonderful arrow that perfectly matched my colour scheme, I lost it.
And third, I have a signoff. Cool, eh? I hadn’t thought about it much before, but there you go.

While making the header, I learned a great deal of Photoshop. I got to know about opacity and color replacement, and seriously, I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THOSE THINGS EXISTED.

Do you guys like my new design over the others?
Are you one of those people who change their design a lot?
What tool do you use for header designing?


8 thoughts on “My Previous Blog Designs and Why I Changed Them

  1. Wow!!! I love the new design. I use PicMonkey and Canva for designing. By the way, where do you get watercolour backgrounds? I’ve always wanted watercolour in my blog.

    (But you use Photoshop, so… XD ) I love all of it! Did you make the watercolor background yourself? (Also, if you don’t mind, where did you find that arrow? I’m trying to find some nice dividers but can’t find any… XD )

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