Mandala Photoshoot {Featuring the Elf’s Most Recent Mandalas}


Ever since my last post, I’ve been randomly working on a few zentangle projects, only a little bit differently.
Presenting my four most recent zentangle cum mandalas, or as I like to call them, zendalas!


Zendala 1:


This was the result of my first mandala challenge. I set a timer to see how quickly I could finish one, but my result wasn’t the best…

Oh well. πŸ˜€

I just like the fact that I sat for 46 minutes straight, focusing completely on one thing alone. That’s the best thing about this stuff, you can entertain yourself for really long without getting bored. And the one did was quite small, so imagine how long you can stay still by working on a HUGE one!

Zendala 2:


This is what I call a mini zendala. It was kind of an accident, to say the truth. πŸ˜› I ended up cutting it entirely, and there. Oh, and my hand is quite messy because of all the pencil marks, don’t mind that.

Zendala 3:


I’ve ALWAYS wanted to draw a dreamcatcher. Maybe it wasn’t a very important thought, so I tucked it away, but when I thought of a dreamcatcher mandala, I lost it. I think it would’ve looked nicer with some color, but I guess it’s okay. πŸ™‚

Zendala 4:


This one is very simple, but when you actually try to do it, it’s REALLY, REALLY HARD. It must’ve taken me about an hour to get it done. #I’msoslow

And finally… Zendala 5:

I’ve kept my favorite for the end…



This one was inspired by Pinterest. I added a few of my own elements to create it, and I don’t know if it really counts as a mandala, but never mind. *laughs nervously and backs off*


My Entire Compilation:

And guess what? All of these, every single one, was done in two days only! *pats back* *my own back*


What do you guys think of my tangling?

I don’t seem to think of more questions… Duh.

Let’s hope that I come back next time with a head fuller of questions than it is now. πŸ˜›


Graphics Credit

17 thoughts on “Mandala Photoshoot {Featuring the Elf’s Most Recent Mandalas}

  1. EEK! I love your zendalas! *Does the OMM thing* Do you have any tips for drawing your mandalas, you are so extremely talented! The only mandalas I draw are on notebook margins at school. *sigh*

    1. Thanks! Well, I think it doesn’t matter WHERE you draw your mandalas, I’ve done a few in notebooks as well. I just go with the flow, creating new patterns as it develops… You don’t try to pounce on ideas, they just come to you. I hope I make sense? Oh wait, of course I don’t.

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