Let’s Take a Ride Through My Head



I did a fair lot of writing, reached 80 followers, found some cool blogs, made myself a button, had some decent post ideas and got to unleash my poetic side by getting involved in NaPoWriMo. But then I thought… Why do people read the stuff I write? Many other bloggers have had this thought, and now it’s my turn. *shrugs*

There are some rather noticeable things about my blog. One thing is, my about page doesn’t reveal much about me. So I have decided it’s time for you to get to know me better. It’s time I told you who I am. Are you ready for the bumpiest mind-ride you’re ever going to have?


  • I am an INFP-A. That means I’m an introvert. I’m not crazy or foolish or insane (Okay, maybe I’m just a wee bit insane…), I’m a person with just as many rights as a regular human being. Except I’m NOT Β a regular human being. Make sense?
  • I’ve often thought of myself as an alien. That may be completely stupid for a thought, but I couldn’t find any other way to put it. But then I realized that all people aren’t ignorant little pea-brains, and that’s when I wrote a poem for NaPoWriMo and let my thoughts flow.
  • I am a BOOKIE MONSTER! Haha, geddit?
  • And oh, of course, I’m an extreme Potterhead. I’m currently doing my re-reads, and I can also proudly say that I finished Cursed Child in single. day. But I don’t seem to think I fit in into any of the houses. It’s either all of them, or none at all. Anyone else out there like me??
  • I am a writer. That means I write, and I love writing.
  • I have a great grandfather. πŸ˜€
  • I also run. My max is seven kilometres, which may not be a big deal to some of those really experienced runners. If you are one of them, I BOW DOWN TO THEE.
  • I have no master. I am a free elf. NOW do you understand the relationship of my Potterheadedness and signoff? Honestly, don’t you all read? *reference attack*
  • I’m also somewhat addicted to Photoshop and seem to be under the impression that it rules the world???
  • I’m a goner at getting things memorized.
  • I am a very kooky mix of formalities and squishy humour. My usual writing style is sort of straight-forward and plain, but I assure you that I make some really sweet puns and go weird and lose my sanity and everything. #yayme
  • I have a crazy obsession with glycerine soap??
  • I am NOT a goody-two-shoes. I know that life has its flaws and that perfection is nonexistent. My writing is based on imperfections and not how nice and faultless the world is, because it ISN’T. On the whole, I do not try to put up a false impression of the world and write what I find true.
  • Waiting isn’t much of a problem for me. I have a certain obsession with car journeys, that I very efficiently utilise by staring out of the window and clearing my mind (Hahaha, all you bored little pipsqueaks).
  • I want to write a novel one day. I have had some really desperate attempts, and the most I could write was a novella, but I want to write a novel. Really badly. But ugh, I have to find a good plot. Plotting is SO HARD.
  • Don’t judge a book by its movie, that’s my motto. Well, one of my mottos.
  • Font syndrome has taken over me and my system. I just can’t seem to find enough fonts to satisfy myself. I REALLY NEED FONT SUGGESTIONS PLEASE HELP I’M DYING FOR MOOOORRREEEE!
  • I find mountain trolls really disgusting.
  • Me and Gaya (that’s what I call her to annoy her, muahahaha) have the stupidest and most indecipherable jokes in the universe, but the funniest nevertheless. One of them is I’m just a sad kid. AHAHAHAHAHA! Oh wait, you don’t get it.
  • I find bulleted lists really boring???


“Who art thou, me?”
I seem to know everything about myself when I live, but when it comes to putting it into words, I just can’t think of it well enough. Anyway, I hope I unearthed at least a little bit of myself in this post, but you can unearth the rest yourself! *hint hint*

Did you enjoy your ride?


19 thoughts on “Let’s Take a Ride Through My Head


    I really want to write a novel one day too! Plotting is soooo hard though. XD And AAAGGGHHH HOW DO YOU NOT LIKE BULLETED LISTS???

    1. Thank you! And bulleted lists make me feel like it’s some kind of great theory? But yours are exceptions, I can say.
      That list about Camp NaNo, I laughed sooo badly! XD

  2. I want to write a novel one day too! And by the way, you should download the fonts- Sweet Pea and Shorelines script. Which fonts have you used for my blog design? I know that one is Amatic SC, but what is the script-y one? I really want to download it.

    Great post!

    1. Actually I have them both downloaded! XD I knew of them quite long ago. I’m on mobile right now, so I can’t tell tell you, but I will when I can. I know I’m not replying to your mails because I can’t guarantee internet everywhere, because I’m traveling. This post was actually scheduled!

  3. Hey Mukta the free elf!!!! I really enjoyed your post… . Ummmmm.. I mean rideπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘Do keep writing in your Future Self book, cause if you didn’t know, I wrote one too…

    1. Oh, long time no see, isn’t it?? πŸ˜€ Why, thank you! Aaah… Influence, eh? Juuust kidding. XD Keep up at it, Poorvi! And I better do that too… Heh heh.

      1. YOU TOO????? My word, I thought I was the only one who was so mad over fonts! I try to recognize them EVERYWHERE, and I dunno if people get mad at me for that, but DUH!

      2. πŸ˜€ I remember seeing a tee with Bromello! Although it’s a bit of a cliche… Have you checked Kimberly Geswein fonts out? They are really cool! I especially love The Fighter and A Little Swag. πŸ˜‰

      3. No, of course not! XD I’m just one of the admins. I work with customization, forms etc. TWW had an original goal of 10 authors, but we’ve somewhat… gone beyond our limits. πŸ˜‰ But you’re a really talented author, and I can’t say no to you. πŸ˜€

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