Feelings are a Part of Being Human


That’s a revolutionary, evergreen, and overused sentence. There are so many reasons to smile, and smiling can make someone’s day.

But we all can agree that there are emotions in the world ranging far and wide, and there’s no person who can say that he can always be happy, unless he’s lived in a giant milk carton all his life.

If that’s you, you have no excuse to read this. Shoo.

The Musings

We all feel hurt once in a while, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t. There’s no reason why we should tell ourselves that it’s wrong. Because feelings are part of being human, and concealing them is just… unreasonable.

Express what is happening inside. That doesn’t mean you should pretend or exaggerate or try to convince people to play along with any egoistic desires. It simply means that not wearing a smile all your life is okay and nothing to be guilty about.

The Reasoning

Of course, constant smiling has its benefits. Even though you smile when you’re happy, smiling can make you happy sometimes. But when you’ve got express something, you’ve just got to express it. No one has the rights to stop you, because we have the freedom of expression, right?

But you can try and shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

Except this quote doesn’t make much sense because the stars are FARTHER from the moon. Was that intentional or something?

The Conclusion

So here’s my advice: always smile. And always remember that no one means it when they say it, because smiling in the toilet is just plain weird.


20 thoughts on “Feelings are a Part of Being Human

  1. I LOVE YOU FOR THIS, MUKTA. As a girl who has a resting moody face, I totally understand the need to smile more. Most people tend to mistake my natural expression for surliness and when they get to know me, they’re like, “GIRL, YOU SO FUNNY. AND NICE. AND SARCASTIC. WHY THAT FACE THO?” 😂 Chins up, smiles on. *what a great way to slip in a fandom reference*

    1. InkCraft’s got… Seven entries by far. Mahriya’s helping out with the design, but I don’t think it’ll get it ready by the last week of May. *wails* I’m traveling, you know. Plus, could you please write a post on TWW, linking the Submit page and saying that the mag will release in June? That’ll help get more entries.

      1. Sure! Angela told me that she was going to submit an entry for InkCraft when we were at school today, so does that make 8?

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