Using Gems in Your Zentangle// An Unprofessional Tangler’s Guide


I had seen gems being used in zentangle since forever, and I finally decided to try it out. It used to look so complicated to make, but once I started, I realized that I was mistaken.

See that picture up there? That was the first gemdala (termed by me) that I made and actually liked. Since then, I have obsessively drawn, coloured and used gems in my zentangle like a hyperactive lunatic. Which I am, of course. Sometimes.

As I did it, I couldn’t help but notice that my way of drawing gemstones was different from the tutorials online. Seemingly simpler, too. That’s why today, I’m going to show you how draw them and how you can use them in your zentangle.


So what is this?

An easy-to-follow method to make and use paper gemstones, excluding all the theory about light sources and reflection. My method is unprofessional, but if you’re an unprofessional tangler too, then this is for you.

All you need to follow these steps is patience, keenness, an ability to shade colour pencils fairly well and the art materials listed below.


Materials you will need:

IMG_8492 (2)

A small piece of paper, a compass (optional), colour pencils, scissors, an eraser and a white gel pen.



STEP ONE: To begin with, create a circle using your compass (or freehand, it’s your choice) as big as you want your gem to be. With your colour pencils, divide it into as many parts as the number of colours you wish to use and leave a small white space at the bottom.

IMG_8496 (2)

STEP TWO: Begin blending the colours. The top color will most probably show the most, and the bottom colour should preferably be a light one so it can be blended with the white.

IMG_8497 (2)

A rough blending also works. Moving the pencil in a circular motion is an ideal technique for blending. Don’t forget to pull the top colour a little bit to the bottom.

STEP THREE: Create a dark line of the top color outlining the upper half of the circle and blend it in for a shadow.

IMG_8501 (2)
See the difference?

STEP FOUR: Now comes the turn of the magnificent, the amazing, the unbeatable… Shadow pencil!!! *drumroll*

In case you were wondering, that is just a self-created term for black.

This is the scariest part. You have to be careful to add a good amount of shadow to the stone, but not too much. That is also where an eraser comes handy.

IMG_8504 (2)

STEP FIVE: Time for the finishing touches. Use a white gel pen to make a shiny effect thingy towards the top of the circle.


STEP SIX: Use the scissors to cut the gem out. DUN DUN DUNNN!

I really like this picture, personally. Nice and bright.

And there we are! A finished gemstone, freshly made and ready to use!


So how do I use this?

Aah, yes. One way to use it is by keeping it on your table and goggling at it open-mouthed. Another way is by getting creative.


Before and after:

So now that you know how to make gemstones for your zentangle, LEAVE THIS POST ALONE AND GO GET MAKING!!

… Unless you want to see some of my projects. Then you can stay.

Click on an image to zoom in.


Time for the questions.

Are you going to try this out?
What do you think of my gemdalas?
Are you an unprofessional tangler like me? Tellmetellmetellme!


27 thoughts on “Using Gems in Your Zentangle// An Unprofessional Tangler’s Guide

  1. Mukta, I can’t decide which I love more, the tangles or the ‘gemstones’. At first glance I thought you’d stuck a gemstone for real 🙂
    – Shub

  2. Loved your detailed step by step tutorial, Mukta. I have always been fascinated by gems and your tutorial makes it look less intimidating. I am definitely tempted to try. And BTW I tangle for fun 🙂

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