Mini Book Review: The Song From Somewhere Else

The books decided that I had been on a reading hiatus for long enough and ambushed me.

There’s my excuse for this post.

I suppose I haven’t done a book review on my blog for all the years of my residence. How pitiful. *wipes tear*

Ever since I discovered Harry Potter, I have been SO obsessed that I kept doing re-reads, companion reads and stuff. I didn’t have the time or interest to pick another book up. WHICH IS A BAD THING. But recently, I saw some books recommended by a few bloggers I know and Googled them. And I thought they were pretty good.

One of them is The Mysterious Benedict Society (thanks, Megan), which is still to be read. Another one is The Chronicles of Narnia (I forgot who reccomended that, whoops), and I have already humbled towards the Aslan. I also have The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings waiting, along with One Dog and His Boy (which may be for a younger audience than mine but I still think it’s awesome) and a bunch of them from Tabi Bee (thanks!).

I may be a little unprofessional at this, because I haven’t really done it before. Excuse that. And be warned, this is a very short post.
I’m excited to mini review today The Song From Somewhere Else by A.F. Harrold! *drumroll*


I got this book from the library, so I have a few pictures. This is the cover.


So aesthetic. I love it.

Before I get on with the review, I’m going to show you the amazing layout.


See those smudgy things? Those are intentional smoke blobs. Here, have a closer look:


I loved the smoke. And the illustrations were SO AMAZING! They didn’t show any of the characters’ faces, and I loved that, because I like imagining the characters a lot better than knowing what they look like (that’s another story, feel free to ask me about it later). I don’t read illustrated books much, but this was an amazing tie-up.




A wonderfully written book that talks about finding friendships in the people you least expect. Francesca Patel is a victim of bullying, until she is forced to unwillingly find her escape to the house of the big, broad, weird-smelling boy in class, Nicholas Underbridge, who everyone avoids. That’s where she hears a strange music that frees her mind of all the worries and burdens it holds. In her attempts to find out what it is and where it comes from, Francesca discovers a secret that if exposed can shut the music away. Forever.


I absolutely loved the third person POV. One of the most significant and innovative things is that Frank has regular conversations with her stomach, which seems to think the complete opposite to what Frank’s mind tells her to do. How fun. I wish I could talk to my stomach, but it always seems as though I’m talking to my head.
The narration was sensitive towards all the characters. It gave suitable attention to all of them and wasn’t over-subjective to Frank. On the whole, it was well thought out and put.


The setting is modern and deals with realistic issues, but part of the plot is fantasy. It’s a good mix of complete fantasy and reality.
No more reveals, sorry. *cackles*

Reading time

One day, duh. I got it from the library in the afternoon and finished it before I went to bed. Most obsessive bookworms will get it done in this time.


I am a very emotional reader, incidentally, and ended up hugging the book after I finished it. Hey, it really was that good.


Cover and design

The cover was beautiful. Dark colours, nice fonts and a deep, touching and involving layout. Full marks for that.

Overall Rating

The book was fabulous. Levi Pinfold’s illustrations were really awesome, and I must say that they deserved being in that book. They deserved it. *nods wisely*

I give this book, without exaggerating, 4.5/5 stars!


*cheers like crazy and jumps all over the place*

This book is worth every second you spend reading it.

Well, maybe you’re just not my type of reader and will be bored to death by it. And maybe you’ll love as much as I did. Then come, let us tell the world how awesome it is until we’re old and weary.


Tips for improving my review skills?
Please tell me how to be a loyal bookworm. Please.
Uh… Do you talk to your stomach?

Until next time!


12 thoughts on “Mini Book Review: The Song From Somewhere Else

      1. I did that just a couple times and it isn’t publicized, but not usually, no. 🙂 Not in my blog graphics, at least.

  1. THIS WAS PRETTY AWESOME, MUKTA! There is no particular reviewing format I follow. I change it up according to the book. GUSHING FOR FANTASY AND ALL THAT JAZZ. A serious history professor’s voice for classics 😂

  2. Nice review! Btw, I don’t talk to my stomach and am not as much a bookworm as you are. I mean, I can’t read that fast. But I love reading books!☺

  3. Lovely review! I’ve gotta get my hands on this book, it’s cover looks so pretty!


    Ps. Would ya mind checking your emails?

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