Of Pencil Sketches and Cartooning

I have officially sparked a sudden interest in cartooning.

That isn’t much of a surprise, because sudden interests are quite common to me. Just a day or two ago, I felt a deep longing to make exercise schedules and do burpees and planks and wall sits… But that’s beyond the point.

Today, I’m going to share two pieces of art, one a cartoon and other a pencil sketch. My interest in pencil sketches has not been short-lived, and I have drawn numerous eyes and such things.

Now to get on to the post, which I must tell you is not too long, and so you can read as leisurely and slowly as you want. Apart from that, I am also going to do a quick ‘review’, telling of my experience with the drawing. Buckle up!


The Pondering Pup

This was a quick little drawing for which I used a Youtube tutorial as reference. The pondering pup is not very detailed or realistic, but I like it despite that.

The pup is not very different from the tutorial, but not exactly the same either. I skipped several steps which I felt unnecessary, but I’m well without all that.

I now present a fuzzy, brown dog that I proudly have adopted as a virtual pet.


My Review

COMPLEXITY LEVEL: Two out of five. It was not very hard to draw, but satisfying, and only the hairy bush on the pup’s head took more time than expected.

PATIENCE REQUIRED: Not much! This doesn’t take too much time or effort, so if you’re an impatient cartoonist, this is for you.

WHEN TO DRAW AND WHAT TO USE: I recommend trying this out when you have about fifteen minutes to spare, because it doesn’t require too much work, although it’s no biggie even if you spend more time than that. You will not require too many materials, only a pencil, a fineliner and a brown colour pencil does the trick.


The Eye

I could think of no better title, but I think the eye is quite straightforward. I ask you to expect no less than a large, pencil sketched eye the size of a palm. The tutorial I used for it was very informative and gave excellent tips for drawing eyes along with the step-by-step demonstration.

The eye in question is realistic and unrealistic both, because it does not look like a cartoon and neither can I expect anyone with such eyes to walk up to my face. Either way, it does not stop my showing you the best efforts I could make.

I can say that I am quite proud of this piece. I spent more time than usual on the pupil, and it did not come out too badly. I only wish the lower eyelashes were a bit thinner.
Take a look yourself.



My Review

COMPLEXITY LEVEL: Three out of five. It was not the hardest thing ever, you know.

PATIENCE REQUIRED: A fair bit. The pupil took the most time, and getting the shading to be just right was not very easy.

WHEN TO DRAW AND WHAT TO USE: I suggest you sit down when you know you have plenty of free time, because I estimate that it will take about thirty minutes. You will not need much for this either, and just a black colour pencil is enough if you plan to do it without sketching it out with a normal pencil first.


Here comes the end of this quick post. SPOILER ALERT: I may post a tutorial on the eye in one of my future posts!

Do you have any tips for better cartooning?
What is your say for sudden hobbies?
How did you like ‘the eye?’


A random note: I will not be using featured images for any of my posts until the 28th of May. Weird.

47 thoughts on “Of Pencil Sketches and Cartooning

  1. That pup is so cute! The eye is pretty good too. 😉 Eyes are my favorite thing to draw, and they’re easy too (unless they’re on a face).

  2. Wow! That pup is really cute and I love the eye! I can never get eyes or mouths or noses or faces or anything on a face right. 😄 I would love a tutorial! Have you seen Allison’s collab blog The Art Lab?

  3. You are so good at drawing!! I’m absolutely hopeless. Every now and then I try a lil cartoon because I find them easier, but they’re still pretty pathetic 😉 I love looking at other people’s art though. The eye is so detailed and beautiful and the dog is ADORABLE ❤
    Simi ~ simizat.wordpress.com

  4. Awesome artwork Looking pretty ❤
    I wanted to ask if you can design me a blog button, since you are so talented. Unfortunately I can't give out my email for privacy reasons. Please let me know! ❤

    1. Thank you so much, Saanvi! Yes, I would be glad to do that! It’s fine without an email, I can comment on your blog with the image and you can download it. Sounds fine?

      1. Is the blog code embedded? I’d like to know if it is the type of button that links to my blog! Sorry about the specifics! ❤

      2. Well, the code is actually very hard to do and I haven’t figured out how to get it right myself. But the thing is, most bloggers add a link to your button so it reaches your blog anyway. Buttons are just images, nothing more. 😉 But if that doesn’t happen, I have also typed out the link on your button. I have them ready and will share them with you in a couple days’ time! I have made two preferences, so feel free to choose whichever you like best. ❤

  5. Hey Mukta!

    Congratulations! You are a winner of the A Passion For The World Blogging Project! Your entry had been featured in my latest post. Please do check it out and read the entries of the other bloggers.

    Thank you for getting involved!

      1. Hey, Gracie! I actually meant for the last line (after the nominations part) to be in the entry, so I’d be glad if you put that into your post. Just so it feels complete, you know, because I just felt that the ending seemed a little abrupt. Thanks!

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