Making Art for the Environment// I’M BACK??

I haven’t posted in some ten days. Welp.

So… Hello.

I know I’ve been terrible blogger # 1, but what’s a couple posts less in your reader? Right??

Anyway, here I am, freshened up and better than ever! I’m really excited to come out of my little hole and see the blogging world anew and go on a crazy blogging spree this month! Fun, eh?

Today, I’m going to share some environment-related art with you. That’s because I’m sure you know that World Environment Day was a few days back. That… And also because art posts are great to cover up hiatuses. XD

Without further ado, I present to you the first bit of art, my attempt at a rose wreath.


 The world has music for those who listen, George Satyana

This picture turned out darker than the way it looks in real life. Oops.

I couldn’t take one better than this, so there you go. I felt the urge to draw something one night and ended up with this rose wreath. I also did a tad bit of lettering, nothing too complicated of swirly or anything. The entire thing took me a couple days to perfect, so I can’t say this was the easiest thing ever.

Well, moving on…


This was a painting I did for a poster making contest. This idea was completely original, and I didn’t take it off the internet like most people do.


I was surfing the net for ideas for something related to air pollution, and I found this photo of a silhouetted factory and thought- Why not? So I did a quick, sunset-like background and turned the picture into a painting. Sounds simple enough. 🙂 All it took after that was a quick quote (high-five to all fellow Potterheads), and voilà!

Thirdly, and lastly, I have an Earth mandala to share with you all.


This mandala includes an Earth-like gem which I pride myself on making and some nature-related elements like the leaves, flowers and… Uh… Drops of water?

In any case, I had great fun making this and I’m glad I got to show it to you and put the blame on World Environment Day.


I hope you liked this quick catch-up post! I think I may have missed some of you guys’ posts as well, and I want to ask you to excuse me for that. I’ve been up to stuff lately, and SPOILER: Natural Captures Issue 2 coming up next!

Now I also have a little announcement to make: My good friend Richa is a newbie to the blogging community and she has asked me to help out with the design (which I have finished)! Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at her blog, which has currently been made private. We hope to make it accessible to public sometime this June.


Eek, I’m so excited! There’s so much to come! We are currently in the process of laying out the last couple finishing touches, and I’ll make sure to post a blog tour when it launches!

Until next time, frands!


33 thoughts on “Making Art for the Environment// I’M BACK??

  1. And I’m slowly dying over here…
    Your art is SO PRETTY!!!!!!! I especially like the silhouette one…I would literally NEVER had thought of that. 😛

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