If Only You Could Look

If you could look beyond my skin
I’d show you through my mind
I’d show you of the memories
I’ve collected through time.

I’d show you bottled feelings
That often I let loose
Ones that please my senses
And ones I hardly use.

I’d show you boundless valleys
And glorious mountain crests
Where when I retreat from the world
I often go to rest.

I’d show you where my words are
Before I have them said
And perhaps the mighty bookshelf
That holds the books I’ve read.

I’d show you an alternate galaxy
That swirls with my dreams
Bubbling brooks of hope
And passion-bearing streams.

The places we could travel
The stories we could cook…
The things I could show you
If only you could look.

22 thoughts on “If Only You Could Look

  1. Love, love, love this, Mukta! So true and beautifully written. It’s like you’ve captured the words and arranged them in perfect synchrony to convey a powerful message.

  2. That was beautiful! I was also wondering how you edit the picture that you get off freepik. Thanks! =)

    1. Thank you! Aah, that’s complicated. I use some crazy editing tools on Adobe Photoshop. I suppose I could tell you what I do if you use it. I’m not sure how to do it on other softwares, though. 🙂

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