BIBPC the Fifth, Category One

Hello. It’s been long.

So maybe I’ve taken a lot of breaks and have grown tired of apologizing for that, so maybe I’ve missed more than I’ve wanted to, but does it really matter now that it’s done?

But I think what’s worth apologizing for is the constant change of design. Weird of me how I could find the time to keep re-designing this place but not to post. This one’s staying, though. Unless I lose my head again.

Today I have my first entry for Megan‘s photography contest, BIBPC. I took part last time too, and it was fun and very well organized. I’m in team Pineapple this time, and that’s nice because it was my first preference. We’ve got some really good photographers too, and I can hardly wait to see how we turn out to perform!

team pineapple bibpc

The first category was Fruit. This is the picture I decided to stick with.


The story behind it is pretty straight forward. A few months back my cuz and I and our families went for a trip and we got hungry and bought some blackberries. And then we ate them. Yeah, that’s about it. Exceptย beforeย we ate them I took a picture of them, and looking at it makes me feel as though that warm taste is exploding in my mouth again.

The lighting was pretty dramatic and I think the shot was decent. What do you think? I don’t have much more for today, but hopefully my comeback will be better now?

Hope to see you next time, then!



14 thoughts on “BIBPC the Fifth, Category One

  1. Wow that’s a really good picture. I love blackberries!! And I really like the new design as well. Good luck to your team, but of course, Team Watermelon will triumph all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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