Humanity= Cars?

DISCLAIMER: By no means of this piece am I trying to insult the human race by comparing it with fuel-fed machines, nor am I aiming to cause any offence to the natural elements mentioned in this musing by subjecting it to comparison with certain negative aspects. I’m cool with nature, okay? No enmity.

So let’s put it this way. I was travelling. It’d been ages since I was carsick and life was pretty good and I was bored. Then a thought came to me and poof. I became somewhat obsessed with it. I looked out of the window, my arm leaning against the cold glass, and as I watched the hyperactive raindrops making little puddles on the tar, I thought about this whole thing about life being a journey.

So if life is a journey, what are we? Cars?

And upon close inspections, I figured that that comparison was rather fitting. Now, it may seem like a worthless observation, but in regular circumstances, cars get wet on the outside and shield its passengers from rain, sunlight and maybe even muck. The car’s outer shell is our body. Powered by intricate and well-put mechanisms, our body is the outer layer of our car and, naturally, the layer directly in contact with rain, sun and muck i.e. hatred, lies and bad stuff like that.

So if our body’s the car’s outer layer, what exactly are we protecting? We’re talking about our inner self, or the driver of our car, which by nature is undiluted and clean. Everything we do is on our driver’s bidding- The path we choose to take, the speed we move in, all that.

No matter how much mess bangs on to our body, our inner self is always safe. Uh… Not always. When we acknowledge our driver and the fact that everything we do is for his security, we will logically shut our windows to every piece of muck that flies our way. But, if we keep our windows open even then, one plop and the driver’s all icky.

So if we want our driver to remain pure, the method’s simple. Shut your windows to all the bad stuff. Enough said.

And hey, no matter how big your car is or what its colour is, the car is simply the car. Nothing more. Your inner self, the driver, is who matters. Even the most magnificent car is worthless if it has a rash, drunkard pea-brain of a driver. Just saying, you know.

Oh, and remember, no one’s saying the weather is always going to be bad. There’ll be that occasional pleasant breeze and those picturesque views that come by from time to time, and that’s when you can open the windows and get freshened up a little. Make the most out of all those good memories, because life’s about the journey, not the destination, right? You only have to know what to turn your back at, what to shut away. Simple enough.

So what really do I have to say by feeding you all this about inner selves and drivers and windows and muck? Only this and nothing more- Choose your path well, have a nice trip, and if your path becomes unclear, don’t forget the windshield wipers! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Humanity= Cars?

  1. Hey Mukta 🙂 Glad to see you back! I was going to post this comment yesterday. Eh. Better late than never. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ India is awesome.

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