BIBPC the Fifth, Category 2

I’ve pretty much let go of the whole schedule idea. Schedules and I don’t get on very well. That’s not very nice of me since I did an official intro too, but I guess I shouldn’t force myself to do something I can’t… So there.

Getting to the point, hello! Today I have my take at the second category of Megan‘s photography contest BIBPC. I’m on team Pineapple in case you didn’t know already, and right now we’re in the lead with a hundred and two points! This is going great for us Pineapple folks by far.

team pineapple bibpc

The second category was Circles, and it brought a world of possibilities before my eyes… right at the last moment. I had a hard time choosing between four pictures and ended up choosing the last one.


Back in May, I had just freshly begun drawing what I called gemdalas, a combination of gems and mandalas, and decided to post a tutorial (find it here). I gathered up some supplies and set out to work, taking pictures as I progressed, which you can find in the post I linked. This was the mandala I resulted with in my little project.

The word mandala means circle, so I thought it was an excellent fit for the category! The gem is circular too, so that’s a plus point. 😉


I’ve also got extra photos for the people who didn’t enter for this category. There’s one each for the three who missed.




I hope you like them! That’s all I’ve got today. Until next time, I suppose!


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