BIBPC the Fifth, Category Four

Long time no see, eh? That pretty much defines my entire blogging life.

I should be doing more versatile posts. But today’s the last date for category three, so I just had to, okay?

Right now, Pineapple’s doing great! We’re in the lead with 324, but if we’re going to win this thing we’ve got to stay that way. 😎

team pineapple bibpc

The category this time’s Celebration.


There is no particularly interesting story behind this’un. We were out on this one day, and there was this festive decoration in this one restaurant. I chose it for celebration because the restaurant we found this in was pretty much a cause for one? It was Harry Potter themed for one thing (!), and the meal was great.

All in all, I pretty much failed this category, but something is better than nothing, I suppose. I hope next time I’ll have more inspiration.

In any case, Megan, my extra takes for category 3 can be found in my previous post/ in category 3 of my BIBPC portfolio which you can find here.

Thanks for stopping by!




12 thoughts on “BIBPC the Fifth, Category Four

    1. That’s one serious compliment, haha! 😉 Thanks, but I somehow feel it’s… not up to my standards? Dunno.
      It’s alright, I’ll do better next time. At least I’ll get us a couple points more.

  1. I meant to comment awhile back, but better late than never, right? 😉 Mukta, don’t be so hard on yourself. You are a talented photographer, and sometimes simple pictures like the one above work fine. 🙂 You’ve already proven yourself by getting so many lovely suggestions and compliments. ❤

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