BIBPC the Fifth, Category Seven (Time is Bugging Me)

Seven. That means the end is near.
Mm… that came out wrong.

So apparently this is the seventh category of BIBPC and there are… *counts* zero categories left. Wow. Time is annoying. Fast and annoying. Like bugs.

Uh… that doesn’t matter. What matters is that Pineapple now has 607 points and hasn’t lost the lead. Yaaaaay. *confetti*

team pineapple bibpc

This time’s category was Tiny.


A tiny bug. Aww.

It was sitting on a mossy rock that almost sat on, so there. This was a few months back, on my trip to a mountainous area. The view was nice, and so was the shiny brown shell on this particular insect that almost got squished by me, so obviously I took a picture. Why not?

I find it unnecessary to add that this bug was neither fast nor annoying, so I won’t.

Now I think I’d better show you my poster for BIBPC the Sixth before you, you know, gag with curiosity or do something fatal. 😑


There we are. I’ve got no high hopes here, but I’m head over heels with black and white so it’s appealing enough to me.

Aaaand there we have it! BIBPC was loads of fun- I wish Pineapple luck! My extra pictures are updated in my previous post and extras for this category (if any) are coming soon. Ciao!


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