What if the colourblind
See the world as it really is?
What if all along we had
The wrong definitions
Of red and green and blue?
The world is just an illusion
There is no right or wrong
No good or bad
Everyone sees it differently
It keeps changing
From person to person.
All that really matters
Are the eyes we choose
To look through.
Don’t blame the colourblind
For not seeing the world as you do
Because no one does.


11 thoughts on “Colourblind

  1. Lovely poem. For years I thought I had perfect colour vision until I discovered that I was unable to distinguish between the darker shades of blue and green. Does that mean that my world is different from yours? 😉

    1. How about we say that everyone’s is? We’ve all got different views of the world, no two visions are the same! 😀 Thank you for your comment.

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