Our Ironic World

You know, just the other day, I was thinking about how wrong everything is. Society is messed up, the world is an avenue of hate, the people are egoistic and vain and crude, and everything is so endlessly and unconditionally wrong.

But as it turns out, our world is an ironic place. Evil comes with good, lies come with truth, and wrong comes with right. That’s just the way things are.

Since the beginning of our kind we have done so much. We have organised ourselves, set up our own worlds, we have recognised beauty and created it. We’ve come here and done things.

Even the simplest things you see around you are society’s doing. The world is as much our creation as it is nature’s. You reading this, and me writing it; there is always someone to thank for the most casual things.

So I feel that sometimes, even though it is most definitely messed up, society needs to be reminded less of what it’s done wrong, and more of what it’s done right.

17 thoughts on “Our Ironic World

  1. You’re totally right – everything’s like that. Messed up, but messed up leaves the option of getting better. Everything that’s negative has a positive element to it and whatever way you look at something you see it in a different light, through a different perspective. For example, palm oil plantations destroy rainforest habitats so kicking indigenous people of of their homes and killing wildlife, but think of the many impoverished people who depend on the work plantations provide to care for their families, educate their children, etc.
    We really do live in a two-sided, ironic world. Awesome post!

    1. That’s a really interesting thing to think about!
      Well, we live in a world that is difficult to make sense of, that’s for sure. 😉
      Thank you for commenting!

  2. That last paragraph really got to me, we really do need to be reminded that there’s as much good in the society as there is evil and we should learn to focus more on the good. Nice post!

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