Natutical Captures// SIL Photography Challenge #2

This post won’t be quite as long as I’d like. But I’ve found out that short posts are better than longer ones and keep readers’ attention spans.

Quite psychology-oriented, aren’t I?

Anyway, today I’m going to be putting up some nautical pictures here. That’s right- the ocean, ships and seashells are in for you today. This pictures aren’t all recent and were probably even taken at completely different times, but fit into the theme nevertheless.

I’m also going to be showing you my entries for challenge two of Hannah’s photography contest, Springing Into Life.
See you on the other side! 😉

a sort of low angle
i like this lighting, hehe
a… sandy pile of shells?
sunset by the sea
a bunch of rocks


my cousin holding a shell


seashells in a seaside cambodian restaurant

There we are!
Which of these did you like best?

Onto the second part of this post. In SIL, I’m on Team Vines along with a bunch of other people-

Team Vines


Also, there’s a spot open, so if you’d like to enter you can go here and tell Hannah about it!

This time’s category was Contrast. I couldn’t get a very unique picture so I settled on this one from a previous photoshoot. I think the green looks pretty good against the red, though I’ve never really liked that combination. 🙂


And here’s my picture for the bonus challenge, in which I can enter any photo that is green and yellow and has a flower.’


This is an orchid, an Onchidesa Goldiana to be exact. You can see hints of green in the background, so I suppose that counts!

Well, that’s it for today! Before I conclude I have some questions for you- do you think it’s time my blog design changed? 😄 And is there anyone out there who’s watched Grave of the Fireflies?

Hope to see you again next time, folks!


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