Some Light-Hearted Poetry

a   h u m a n   b e i n g

find a tune of your own
unlike what everybody’s sung
find new heights to your horizons
and let new stories leave your tongue

seek lands you’ve never been to
let your spirit run wild and free
for to be a human ‘being’
you must do more than simply ‘be’.


p i r a t e

wooden block for his left foot
black strap across his eye
his heart belonged to the ocean
and his gaze pierced the sky

he was a fearless vagabond
his world existed beyond the shore
he could fight like a tiger
and had ferocity in his roar

but the only things he plundered
were his weaknesses and his fears
and the treasure he was hunting
was his purpose of being here.


f l o w e r s

sow memories in your mind
and give them all your care,
then reap them like flowers
and wear them in your hair.

enjoy them to the fullest
in all their scents and tints
and press them in your pages
when they begin to wilt.


Constructive criticism much appreciated. 🙂

For HARPs Round 7
Points: 3+6+2= 11

32 thoughts on “Some Light-Hearted Poetry

      1. Wait nooooo sorry that was last time’s LC. This round’s one is post the post on days that DON’T have the letter “t” in them.

      2. Whoops, wait a sec- I posted on June 1st which was… a Friday! So I think it still counts? 😛 Sorry for the confusion, hehe.

    1. I’m kinda late in replying but I’m really glad you liked these!
      Perhaps it’s not courage, perhaps it’s the voice inside you struggling to break out? I honestly don’t know, but I want to hear more of your voice, so I’ve given you a follow. 🙂 Have a great day!

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