When you visit the fruit shop,
what to buy first?
The Apples of course,
As they quench your thirst!

When you’re back from the camping,
what do you eat?
The Apples of course,
They are so sweet!

What do you make for dinner?
Apple pie, it’s always the winner!
What else can you make with Apples?
Smoothies and cakes and truffles!

Crunch them, munch them,
Breakfast them, lunch them
Don’t bother what you do with them,
Just make sure you chew on them!

Juiciest of the juicy,
Freshest of the fresh
Who are they?
Apples, YES!


Worldoo and Milaap

I love to play It is a fun kids game. Today my father showed me how to use Milaap credits. The two things are slightly similar, because both of them can be used to help people.

In Worldoo we have to give stars to children (we can choose) and the people will give the money. We can give stars in the Gift A Tara.

In Milaap, we have credits and we can choose who we want to lend. Then we have to enter the amount we want to pay, and give a loan. Interestingly, after an year or two, we get the credits back!

I think both of them are useful because they help people have a better life.