Musings of a Cotton Jersey

I could feel part of me in China
A part of me in Brazil
Parts here and there in India
Parts in farms, parts on hills.

Then all parts of me united
Just one thing led to another
I was cleaned and spun and woven
And I was put together.

Then I was dyed (I’m still alive)
And after I was made
I was washed and I was dried
And then I was displayed.

I was so magnificent
No glory I lacked
So almost immediately
I felt myself being packed.

Then I was buttoned up
(I know not what that was about)
By the end of the day
I was pretty well worn out.

And the next thing I knew
Was that I saw a marvelous scene:
Painted silver, detailed with black
A majestic washing machine!

Now I am super-old
And my colours have faded
I’ve lost all my designs
That were once brightly shaded.

Now I feel that my owners
Must show me no compassion.
But they wear me like I’m made of gold!
Well, faded things are today’s fashion.

Image filter credit- Prisma

Destruction of Creation

I wonder if
you can tell me
not to tell anyone
that they bother me;

For noisy snobs
throughout the world
haven’t disappeared, just yet.
And the day you can
swallow your head whole
will be that day, I’ll bet.

Mountain peaks
clouds of dust
unbroken dreams
all in one piece;
Endless skies
alike the limit
would never drown
in the great seas.

The smell of books
and stupid looks
have not one thing
in them, common.
The peace in hearts
and selfless minds
all are marvellous
beauties, forgotten.

Silken clothes and
golden necks
seem to be for
what we care;
All the dreams
of the hopeful past
seem like they
weren’t there

The music, dance,
culture, tradition
All withering into
heaps of ash,
Like us, humans
treat our motherland
so badly that it
vanishes in a flash.

For all that it took
to create such marvels
Do we destruct
so early?
When did we start
this foolish way
of what is boyish
and girly?

See, not everything is
As easy as it seems
And neither were their
hopes and dreams.
Let us not shatter them
Like mirror glass
For life isn’t just
For letting it pass.