Building Friendships

I can build a friendship with you
Using trust as my cement
And the stronger your trust will be
The stronger the arrangement.

Slowly, I’ll build it upwards
And leave the support of the earth
I’ll keep it going higher
If you succeed to show your worth.

But don’t tell me I didn’t warn you
Not to play any stupid tricks
Because the friendship I am building
Is made entirely of your bricks.


People always ask me
If I feel alone
With no one around me
For a reason they’ve never known.

Is it really solitude
When with the wind I sing?
When the leafy shelters welcome me
In the early flight of spring?

The hills debate me every day
The rivers share their tales
The grass tickles my bare feet
As I chatter with the gales.

I speak with every passing bird
I laugh with every stone
So now tell me, will I ever
Live my life alone?

If a dog bites its own tail

If a dog bites its own tail
will it cry or will it wail?

All I know is that it will never fail
to guard its master through every gale

If a dog is sent out
Will it scream or will it shout?

All I know is its little snout
will have a smile when it does trot! 🙂

If a dog is a man’s best friend
does friendship ever have an end?

All I know is never to tend
to lose any special friend!