Don’t think every smile you see is true
For we don’t know where secrets hide
If a face displays a cheery grin
None knows what’s deep inside.

Don’t think a person’s silence
Makes him any less than you
For the things he conceals within himself
Are ones only he can prove.

Don’t underestimate a person
If his talents haven’t yet been shown
For deep inside every one
Is a war you’ve never known.

Happiness and Sorrow, the War!

Happiness and Sorrow once had a fight,
Both said “Only I can make things right!”

In between the “no, me!”s and “not you!”s,
Out came a feeling called “the Blues”

He said to Sorrow, “c’mon bro, let’s fight!
I’m your relative and we’ll make things right”

In between the war that was full of fear,
Out came a feeling called “Cheer”

He said to Happiness, “c’mon bro, let’s not fight,
for only non-violence and cheerfulness makes everything right”

But Sorrow didn’t accept defeat,
So he didn’t retreat

But Happiness won at the end of the fight,
Only Happiness can make everything right!!