What if the colourblind
See the world as it really is?
What if all along we had
The wrong definitions
Of red and green and blue?
The world is just an illusion
There is no right or wrong
No good or bad
Everyone sees it differently
It keeps changing
From person to person.
All that really matters
Are the eyes we choose
To look through.
Don’t blame the colourblind
For not seeing the world as you do
Because no one does.



Feelings are a Part of Being Human


That’s a revolutionary, evergreen, and overused sentence. There are so many reasons to smile, and smiling can make someone’s day.

But we all can agree that there are emotions in the world ranging far and wide, and there’s no person who can say that he can always be happy, unless he’s lived in a giant milk carton all his life.

If that’s you, you have no excuse to read this. Shoo. Continue reading Feelings are a Part of Being Human

Happy New Day


I know I’m insane as much as you do, but yes.
I don’t approve of new year resolutions because they don’t help me in any way.

The whole point of resolutions is to implement things that can make the year better. At least, that’s what most people think. But they don’t seem to figure that aiming at something too far to reach, especially when it is a resolution, is not very likely to be accomplished.

When you make unreachable promises, you become subject to sheer pressure. That makes you subconsciously think that it is a job. Now, resolutions are supposed to be things we want to do, not things we have to do. This pressure makes the task tedious, and WHO wants to do something excessively ambitious and boring?

It isn’t bad to have ambitious goals. But I have been wondering why people think change is only needed when the new year begins.


Every day is new.

A small, easy-to-accomplish goal set for each day is way better than an unreachable, overambitious new year resolution.

The dawn of a new day is worth celebrating. It is worth remembering that god has given us a precious life, of which every day is valuable. So why not give Him a promise, a resolution, that you will do something new everyday?

Learning something every day doesn’t mean pouring over school books, trying to scrape out something you don’t know to add to your brain’s contents. Doing something else, something you haven’t done before is also a part of learning.

So today, I resolve to

  • Go cycling.
  • Do a bit of watercolor painting.
  • Write poetry.
  • Practice hand lettering.
  • Hunt for new fonts.
  • Learn new Photoshop techniques.

New day resolutions don’t have to change your life. They just have to be things you want to include in your routine and will go against all odds to accomplish.


Will YOU resolve to do something today?
Have you ever been under serious resolution pressure?


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Musings of a Cotton Jersey

I could feel part of me in China
A part of me in Brazil
Parts here and there in India
Parts in farms, parts on hills.

Then all parts of me united
Just one thing led to another
I was cleaned and spun and woven
And I was put together.

Then I was dyed (I’m still alive)
And after I was made
I was washed and I was dried
And then I was displayed.

I was so magnificent
No glory I lacked
So almost immediately
I felt myself being packed.

Then I was buttoned up
(I know not what that was about)
By the end of the day
I was pretty well worn out.

And the next thing I knew
Was that I saw a marvelous scene:
Painted silver, detailed with black
A majestic washing machine!

Now I am super-old
And my colours have faded
I’ve lost all my designs
That were once brightly shaded.

Now I feel that my owners
Must show me no compassion.
But they wear me like I’m made of gold!
Well, faded things are today’s fashion.

Image filter credit- Prisma