Will you climb mountains with me
And trek through the Amazon?
Do you mind if stones hurt you?
Do you get pricked by thorns?

Let’s hang off jungle vines
And canoe through the Nile.
Let’s run with the gazelles
Let’s live amongst the wild.

I’m going on an adventure
And if you want to come too
Let nature be your gear
And let the Earth be your shoes.


I wandered distant lands
In my distant dreams
Alongside sky-high ridges
And crystal clear streams.

I rambled dark forests
Fields bearing golden wheat
And thorny lands where prickles
Set themselves in my feet.

I wandered woods and deserts
Felt blizzards and licked frost
I wandered all the world before
I realized I was lost.


People always ask me
If I feel alone
With no one around me
For a reason they’ve never known.

Is it really solitude
When with the wind I sing?
When the leafy shelters welcome me
In the early flight of spring?

The hills debate me every day
The rivers share their tales
The grass tickles my bare feet
As I chatter with the gales.

I speak with every passing bird
I laugh with every stone
So now tell me, will I ever
Live my life alone?


At dawn, I sat up in my bed
And questions filled my empty head.

Why in the morning did I feel cold?
It did not, I thought, in days old.
The days gone by were warm as heat
But why now was there a chill in my seat?

Why was the window wet with dew?
The sight I saw was very new.
The thick glass pane with water lined
Teased my inquisitive mind.

When the events I revised
Quite suddenly, I realised
The water drops which had me tensed
Were result of fog, condensed.

And the chill I felt everywhere
Was nothing but the Winter air.

The Seasons

Just look at my face!
As calm as the ocean.
But beneath that mask
Rages a storm of emotions.

See, the way our mind is put
Is more creative than dreams
Whether it feels like it or not
It is more complex than it seems.

For a moment the sun is shining
In a most cheery way
And the next, it is snowing
Welcoming Santa’s sleigh.

And then begins a downpour
Drenching all of memory
It advances into a heavy rain
That can further lead to treachery.

And the thing about these seasons
Is that they don’t pass one by one
There isn’t a fixed time
For when one starts and one is done.

The thing is, you paint your own picture.
Your story is written by YOU.
It is YOU who decides if
There is to be fog or dew.

It is YOU who decides if
It must hail or it must rain
So it is all up to you
Whether you lose or you gain.

In no particular order
Are the mental seasons lain
So now the sun can shine, and stop,
And shine all over again.

The Raindrop

The little raindrop fell from up high,
The little raindrop fell from the sky

Where it went, I can show
But where it came from, I don’t know!

Gently taps on the garden floor,
Softly makes a thousand sounds

Like a drum tapping away
The raindrop adds a splash to the day

Where it went, I can go
But where it came from, I wish I’d know

And when the Sun and the Raindrop meet,
They form a colourful rainbow sweet

And when the cheerful rainbow smiles,
It’s glory runs for miles and miles

And today is the lovely day,
When the trees swish and sway

Welcoming the gentle drop
To their roots as it says, “Plop!”