A Smile

How can my face be lit by a grin
When a frown is all I want to wear?
How can I fake my happiness
If it isn’t really there?

Well, let me tell you something:
I may dance and I may sing
But faking my emotions
Isn’t really my thing.

I know a lot about me
And I’ll tell you this for good:
I won’t do something
Just because you think I should.

So don’t try and force my smile out
And don’t make me conceal it.
Let me be sad when I truly am
And happy when I feel it.

The Forest

I know a forest of darkness and gloom
It’s a place that leads to eternal doom.
Only those misled or those too queer
Find the road that leads here.
Those who make it out in one piece
Live to tell of its hounds and fleas
And all its creepy vampires and bats
And its pack of thirsty bloodsucking rats.
People say it’s all in my head
And the forest I find when I go to bed.
But wherever it is, I’m glad about
The fact that I found my way out.


I wandered distant lands
In my distant dreams
Alongside sky-high ridges
And crystal clear streams.

I rambled dark forests
Fields bearing golden wheat
And thorny lands where prickles
Set themselves in my feet.

I wandered woods and deserts
Felt blizzards and licked frost
I wandered all the world before
I realized I was lost.

Building Friendships

I can build a friendship with you
Using trust as my cement
And the stronger your trust will be
The stronger the arrangement.

Slowly, I’ll build it upwards
And leave the support of the earth
I’ll keep it going higher
If you succeed to show your worth.

But don’t tell me I didn’t warn you
Not to play any stupid tricks
Because the friendship I am building
Is made entirely of your bricks.

The Vendor

They cast their hopeful eyes on me
The potatoes in the mound
The mangoes looked cautiously
From their pile on the ground.

The tomatoes’ sight followed
When I looked through their lot.
I shook my head at the vendor
“Is this what you’ve got?

“Tomatoes green and raw!
Mangoes undoubtedly sour!
Who will think of buying them?
They’ll be abandoned for sure!”

The vendor shook his turbaned head
And cast a little smile
“I agree that to realize
It takes quite a while.

“But won’t these green tomatoes
Turn mellow one day?
Aren’t these raw mangoes meant
To be yellow one day?”

Mason Jars

I’ve always had this rambling thought
That minds are like mason jars
That store our sorrows and our joys
And hide our bleeding scars.

They keep our secrets deep within
They guard every single thought
And keep lingering fingers off the jars
Which others have always sought.

But when the pickles decompose
Just like secrets, unspoken
Those mason jars that hold them there
Are better off broken.

My Mind

My mind is like a supermarket
You can pick anything that is nice
But before you can go off with it,
You have to pay the price.

If you plan to take something away
And not pay before you do,
Be warned, my mind’s policemen
Will be right after you.


People always ask me
If I feel alone
With no one around me
For a reason they’ve never known.

Is it really solitude
When with the wind I sing?
When the leafy shelters welcome me
In the early flight of spring?

The hills debate me every day
The rivers share their tales
The grass tickles my bare feet
As I chatter with the gales.

I speak with every passing bird
I laugh with every stone
So now tell me, will I ever
Live my life alone?


As a quality, non violence is quite good
But see a little differently, if you would.
There’s a little good in every war
If only we see what it is for.

If one brings out a gun and says
“Now, I am going to murder you.”
Will you just stand on the path
Which you believe is of virtue?

Will you not react to what you’ve been told?
Will you think tolerance is being bold?
It is good at times, but you should think
Which quality to own and which to drown in the sink.

Violence is not always wrong
It shouldn’t be used to commit war crime
But to show the good in violence
Chosen must be the perfect time.

So, all who listen, keep in mind
In every thing you can find
Good, but do see it in the right way
Maybe if you will, so will they.