Graphic Design Madness

Another year come and gone.
This is something I designed on Canva. The end of the year is drawing closer, so this is like a flashback onto all the seasons gone by. Take a look!

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If you haven’t heard of Canva before, you should check it out. It is a graphic designing software which is easy to use and undoubtedly fun.


What do you think about my designing? Have you ever used Canva before?

~ Mukta@ Born Free


The Seasons

Just look at my face!
As calm as the ocean.
But beneath that mask
Rages a storm of emotions.

See, the way our mind is put
Is more creative than dreams
Whether it feels like it or not
It is more complex than it seems.

For a moment the sun is shining
In a most cheery way
And the next, it is snowing
Welcoming Santa’s sleigh.

And then begins a downpour
Drenching all of memory
It advances into a heavy rain
That can further lead to treachery.

And the thing about these seasons
Is that they don’t pass one by one
There isn’t a fixed time
For when one starts and one is done.

The thing is, you paint your own picture.
Your story is written by YOU.
It is YOU who decides if
There is to be fog or dew.

It is YOU who decides if
It must hail or it must rain
So it is all up to you
Whether you lose or you gain.

In no particular order
Are the mental seasons lain
So now the sun can shine, and stop,
And shine all over again.