A Little Doodah I’m Up To

Aloha. Long time no see. You must’ve had a jolly Christmas, so I think I needn’t ask.

I was off for a holiday you-don’t-need-to-know-where ( ūüėą ).
But next week’s going to be as busy as an ice cream shop in midsummer. The upcoming week, the first week of the fresh year, is officially declared


What, you haven’t started skipping around like a cuckoo yet? Hm, I guess not. Maybe I should tell you some stuff about photography week, then.

As you know, I’ve been off on vacation and as you probably don’t know, I’ve snapped about a cartload of pictures. But I don’t think it’s a really good idea to dump it all out here at the same time.¬†So, the next week is going to be full of daily posts with a minimum of three pictures each devoted to a theme. It’s going to be fun for¬†me,¬†and it’s my job to make it fun for you too. I’ll try my best, and you can tell me if I did my job well enough when you see a post out here saying¬†Photography Week #1.¬†

And¬†you know what, you can try and guess where I went for the holidays by looking at the stuff I clicked. I’m not saying you’ll get it in the first attempt, but it’s always worth a try, don’t you think? Well, you’ll just have to wait for three more days. December’s got a 31st, I trust. Wait, lemme check. *messes around with fingers* Yeah, ¬†three days to go.

Okay, I can’t promise that you’ve started cuckoo dancing just yet, but I hope you’ll be looking forward to photography week. I’m dying to get started, but I’ll have to figure out where to, first. As I do that, it’ll be essential for you to go back to whatever the devil you were doing. See you later, folks!

~Mukta@ Born Free


The Flair Challenge #1

The Flair Challenge is a challenge. A pretty boring way to start, I know. Click this to know more.
So basically… some friends and I have jumble up words so that there¬†is a wacky topic to write about. And our job is to try to make sense and a story based on the topic, and we have to be as creative as we can. Here it is, if you’d like to read what I put down. I’d¬†like¬†some suggestions too.¬†Hee hee, wait till you find out what the topic is…

Topic: Bricks Sleep Stupidly 

Hi. My name is Brick. And I’m a brick. Well, bricks aren’t really good at naming. But otherwise, bricks are good at quite some things. They’re good at… despising themselves for being bricks. Aaugh, okay, I give up. I¬†hate¬†being a brick. And you know what?¬†All¬†bricks hate being bricks. And it ain’t surprising… bricks were made only for one reason. For those slimy-gloved builders to construct stuff. So all we bricks are no more than hardened blobs of clay and shale. I mean, who likes being that? Continue reading The Flair Challenge #1

Tidal Wave 4: Solace

Hello, all!¬†I have some news for you. But let’s get done with the story first. Here’s a brush up.

‚ÄúHopefully a stay at the Coxes‚Äô house, home to the most obnoxious people Sheri knows, won‚Äôt be as bad as we expect.‚ÄĚ

Here we are… Tidal Wave 4!

“So you think we’re trying to trap you?” asked a furious Mr. White. “You think we intentionally decided upon getting you to a place you hate? IS THAT WHAT YOU THOUGHT?” Mr. White’s mood was getting worse by the moment. The siblings silently agreed that it was a bad idea to have told their dad about their thoughts. “Well, then listen. And listen with rapt attention, you hear me? We are not ¬†going to be staying at the Cox house! DID YOU HEAR THAT LOUD AND CLEAR?” Mr. White hollered. Continue reading Tidal Wave 4: Solace

Tidal Wave 2: Bintan Island

Here’s a little recap from part 1:

He had just found out that he had been wearing a lifesaver on the day he began to hate the sea.

Ready to read?

Mr. White behaved strangely after breakfast. If anyone spoke to him he would grin, he would stay engrossed in his thoughts, which was not very usual for him. He also asked Won who had given him a lifesaver. Won was ready with the tale. Continue reading Tidal Wave 2: Bintan Island

Tidal Wave 1: The Whites

Ah, the sea, what a wonderful place to relax with a book or go surfing or build sandcastles or sunbathe or go on cruises… in short words, it was the best place to be. That was exactly what the White siblings, Won, Sheri and Benny thought. But, very unfortunately, their parents, Mr. and Mrs. White, thought nowhere close to adoring those high tides. They’d been unfortunate enough to almost drown on a day Mrs. White had been seasick, so they were downright nasty to anyone who loved the sea. The children weren’t treated like that, though. Not by their mother, in the least. The father was a little bulky, had a prized moustache and a light beard. The mother was slim and blonde, very pretty, but had a big wart on her forehead which she Continue reading Tidal Wave 1: The Whites