If there’s anything about sorrow
That I have to tell
I think of people as frogs
And sorrow as a well.

Huddled up, some remain
Overwhelmed by their fear
While some, overcome by grief
Drown in their own tears.

But getting out of sorrow
Isn’t very tough.
All you have to do
Is jump high enough.

Happiness and Sorrow, the War!

Happiness and Sorrow once had a fight,
Both said “Only I can make things right!”

In between the “no, me!”s and “not you!”s,
Out came a feeling called “the Blues”

He said to Sorrow, “c’mon bro, let’s fight!
I’m your relative and we’ll make things right”

In between the war that was full of fear,
Out came a feeling called “Cheer”

He said to Happiness, “c’mon bro, let’s not fight,
for only non-violence and cheerfulness makes everything right”

But Sorrow didn’t accept defeat,
So he didn’t retreat

But Happiness won at the end of the fight,
Only Happiness can make everything right!!