Project 1.1- Edify Now Overview

Pique Studios

Edify Now is my first ever official design, and I am really proud.

Here’s a fun fact- it was the real inspiration behind Design Pique. Yes, you heard that right, I began doing this design way before DPS was released.


It began this way- I incidentally knew the owner of this site, and I received an email on the 26th of September, saying he wanted a complete rebranding to his site. Being the perky designer that I am, I sent him my approval with my utmost glee (a tad bit too much glee, mind you). But more on the backstory in my next post. Here’s an overview of the site.


About Edify Now

“We love building and rebuilding Brand Experiences through our tailor-made digital solutions. Using the web, apps, and progressive tools, we create an unforgettable brand interaction experience which your customers use to establish their brand in…

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Inspiration and Paintings

I happened to stumble across a blog called The Art Lab. And I got some tremendous inspiration to do some paintings which I am going to showcase here today. They are not many, I hope you don’t mind to spare a few minutes. Or maybe less 😛
Here they are!

I especially like the cactus painting. Calming too look at. Pricklily calming 😉
The one with the purple shades is like half painting and half zentangle.
For those who don’t know what zentangle is: ABOUT ZENTANGLE

And yes, as I always remind you readers, you can click on the images to enlarge 😉

Hey, maybe I could post some more of my zentangles. It is quite a cherished hobby of mine. I’ve lost track of all my hobbies. Hopefully I can put them up in a list sometime soon.

Let me know what you think about my paintings!